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Health and Recommendation Marketing

Independent Teamleader and Coach  

Passion and commitment to a natural way of life.

where work is motivated by fun and personal goals!


We are part of a growing trend in healthcare and sustainability, offering products which are eco-friendly and will not harm the environment.

Every day such trends are seeping into the consciousness of more and more of us. We read articles or reports that open our eyes. We see behaviour and attitudes that contribute positively to our society.  The choice to opt for natural, sustainable products with no harmful ingredients grows daily.

I work in this green business. I recommend, inform, explain and inspire to earn green money.

The business with which I cooperate has its origins in Austria, growing from a small, family-run firm. It is the only fresh provider in Europe. It is multi-award winning. Awards include the Trigos Award 2010 (the Oscars of sustainability); Austria’s Lead business; Green Brands; Climate Protection Award 2015 and many more.

Founded in 1996, it has been involved in research and development for 24 years. It boasts an annual growth rate of more than 40% and uses the 4x 100% business philosophy:

100 % fresh – completely natural ingredients

100% active – real efficacy

100% consistency – nothing that the body doesn’t need

100% ethical – no animal testing, eco-friendly, sustainable






The company has a vision which involves blossoming outwards from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to make Europe a greener, more environmentally conscious and less harmful place to be – so we can all grow old healthily!


Refreshingly successful… idea needs people to fulfil it

If you are motivated and want to work hard, we can offer you:
  • A pleasurable occupation within a friendly company

  • Earning power that is sustainable and green

  • Flexible hours to work when it suits you

  • The freedom to be your own boss

  • Work within a team

  • Very good prospects for income and promotion

  • Practice orientated and standardized European training opportunities

  • Extensive print and online documentation

  • Your own online office

Earnest and Ethical are our top priorities

The business is growing by more than 40% every year and is expanding further and further into Europe. In order to support this growth we are looking for people who are success orientated, with a willingness to learn, to spread our vision around the world. Our team will be there to support those who can take advantage of their own opportunities and create their own goals. Our internal training program offers you the opportunity for further training, allowing you to develop your role to become a trainer or leader and fulfil your own income potential.


Whether it is a little extra cash or a full time income you require, you determine exactly how much you would like to earn. Work as much or as little as you like, to achieve your own personal requirements and goals.


Are you over 18 and looking for a new challenge? Are you looking for a vocation?

Do you like working in a team? Would you like to decide when and how much you work? Would you like to be independent? Would you like to steer your own career progression? The most important requirement is the will to change something, to change and motivate yourself. Our team will support you on your journey by offering you the opportunity to take advantage of a broad and proven training program. If you have all of our pre-requisites and can dedicate yourself – be it for a few hours, full or part-time - to something new, then please get in touch!  I would be happy to provide you with further information!


Health and Recommendation Marketing

Independent Teamleader and Coach

I work for businesses and products that promote the vision of a greener Europe and afford everyone the opportunity for a good life in a better, healthier world.



Do you know the stage in your life when you ask yourself exactly what the sense of it all is? When you are searching for personal fulfilment and happiness, you sometimes reach a point where it becomes important to understand just exactly why you are getting up, going to work and living! Our job plays a large role in our happiness.  How often do you know exactly why you work for a company, or whether it makes sense to work for your particular firm. Our working lives are also influenced by the people around us, whether boss or colleagues, and again comes the question: Am I being acknowledged; is it fun to work together in a team towards a single goal and am I earning enough for this?


My name is Daniela Schulten and I had my own business for 10 years – a large physiotherapy practice in Rhineland, Germany. I was lucky enough to have a fulfilling job, however my life changed direction and for personal reasons I sold my practice and moved to Bavaria.

Now I asked myself all these questions as starting again meant that I didn’t want to work just anywhere or for just anyone. I wanted to have the same emotional connection that I had had and was familiar with! I wanted to know exactly what would make me glad to get up and go to work every day. I wanted people around me and the opportunity to move myself, together with and within my team, forwards so that we were all happy – emotionally, personally but also financially.



I now have this opportunity! It comes with the freedom to set my own hours and be my own boss, as I now live with my partner and seven others in a patchwork family on our organic hop and apple farm.

I discovered and enthusiastically joined my current business in 2016.The company offered me all the pre-requisites that I wanted to determine my life. In addition it offered me the chance to promote a philosophy to the world, a philosophy that was worth starting every day with a smile for.

Once again I had a belief in my work. I had found my “why?” I now work with an Austrian family business and together we promote a vision to make Europe greener; affording everyone the opportunity to live a good life in a better, healthier world.

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Daniela Schulten
Health and Recommendation Marketing

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